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Ayurvedic  Range
Ayurvedic liver syrup is one of our most demanded Ayurvedic syrups that are perishable in nature. It is made using added preservatives and contains natural ingredients such as bhringraj, bhumi amla, guduchi, pippali, punarnava, kalmegh, makoy, kala namak, sendha namak, etc.
Pharmaceutical  Hardgel Capsule
Pharmaceutical capsules are well known pharmaceuticals that include the real drug or a combination of medicines in a gelatin shell. Each capsule contains a single dosage of active pharmaceutical ingredients that should be taken by mouth with water or milk.
Pharmaceutical Injection
Our pharmaceutical injections are used in hospitals, clinics, and research institutes. Apart from these areas, the injections are also available in nursing homes, and other facilities to administer various medications to patients as well as to collect blood samples.
Pharmaceutical Suspension
The pharmaceutical suspensions are most commonly delivered as dry powder, which must be reconstituted at the time of administration. It is assured that the offered suspensions are stable - physically, chemically and microbiologically.